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Note about the Calendar links: Google Calendar seems not to be adjusting them to your time zone, you are going to see they are live from 11 am CET for 24 hours. Please adjust it to your time zone manually or just make a mental note of when they go live in your time zone! Check the Time Zone Converter below to see at what time the talks are live in your time zone.

Sunday, September 10th

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Keynote Talk with Jessica Moura. Ongoing access to this talk starting on September 10th

Awakening to Reality: New perspectives on infant sleep WATCH NOW

Day 1: Monday, September 11th 

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Infant Sleep: What to Expect

  • How do Infants Sleep Different Near Adults? with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum 
  • How to Make your Toddler LOVE Bedtime (and ask for it!) with Hannah Clapham 
  • Unlock Your Baby’s Sleep Through Objective Science with Dr. Laura Gainche 
  • How Partners Can Support Infant Sleep with Eric Taylor 
  • The Art of Natural Parenting (and what babies need to sleep well) with Tracy Gillet 
Day 2: Tuesday, September 12th

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Indicators of Further Support with Infant Sleep

  • Nutrition for Better Sleep: More than just food with Kelly Merigot 
  • How Your Baby’s Nervous System Contributes to Sleep with Dr. Carrie Rigoni 
  • No Such Thing as a Sleep Problem: The feeding-sleep connection and other issues that affect sleep with Jill Mailing 
  • Supporting Autistic, ADHD and Highly Sensitive Infant Sleep with Suzanne Gunn 
  • Reflux is Common, Not Normal! How to Support Your Baby’s Reflux with Kaili Ets 

Day 3: Wednesday, September 13th 

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Sleep Training: What You Need to Know

  • Sleep Training Culture: What is it and why do we need to divest from it with Paula McDowell 
  • Sleep Training Culture Then and Now with Carly Grubb 
  • Sleep Training Is Safe and Effective.. or Is It? with Jessica Guy 
  • Five Biggest Myths in the Baby Sleep World with Lyndsey Hookway 
  • Crying in Capitalism with Brittany Chambers 

Day 4: Thursday, September 14th 

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Parental Wellness and Infant Sleep

  • How to Tend to Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well- being in Early Parenthood with Sepideh Hakimzadeh 
  • Staying Sane While Parenting Multiples – A Nurture Story with Michelle Cruz  
  • Nurturing Parents: How to cultivate your support network with Saloni Shah 
  • How Postpartum Doulas Support Overnight with Quanisha McGruder 
  • Reset Your Sleep: Strategies for improving YOUR sleep and well-being after having children with Talia Shapero 
  • Mindfulness in the thick of it: Neuroscience-based tools to support parent and infant in the early years with Dr. Naianna Robertsson

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