The Detrimental Effects Sleep Training Culture Can Have on Maternal Mental Health

Julia Pichl

You will learn:

  • How sleep training culture affected Julia as first time mom
  • Specific aspects of sleep training culture that she found most concerning in terms of maternal mental health
  • How societal expectations and cultural norms surrounding infant sleep training contributes to maternal stress and mental health challenges
  • Alternatives to sleep training

I am Julia. a former childcare professional turned holistic sleep coach. I have a 2 degrees in Education and Pedagogy and worked with children between the ages of 4-18 in various settings, ranging from schools, family social work and youth welfare sercives. I live in Germany with my husband, son and 3 pets and am currently pregnant with my second child. I passionately support families internationally, who are looking for alternatives to sleep training since August 2022. I run the instagram page @julia_lalelovesleep where I get to connect with other parents on sleep and share information , tips and perspectives around naviagting infant sleep with compassion and respect for both the parents and their child


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