Survival Kit For New Moms: An anti-patriarchal guide to optimal support for matrescent women and their partners

Jessica Sorci and Rebecca Geshuri

You will learn:

  • How Jessica’s and Rebecca’s approach in their survival kit address the unique needs and challenges faced by matrescent women during the postpartum period
  • The societal and cultural influences on maternal sleep and well-being
  • The importance of including partners and support networks
  • Practical tools or resources included in the survival kit that new moms can implement to promote better sleep and overall well-being for themselves and their families


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Jessica Sorci and Rebecca Geshuri are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapists and also Perinatal Mental Health Certified. As Co-Founders of Family Tree Wellness in Silicon Valley, California, Rebecca and Jessica lead their one-of-a-kind IFS-informed group psychotherapy practice that provides counseling, education and support for people who are in the family building phase of life. They are wildly enthusiastic about supporting other therapists who want to deepen their knowledge and skill with using IFS and working in Reproductive Mental Health. Their comprehensive Mothercentric Approach is being integrated into a book called MOM PARTS, and is currently being offered annually, alongside Mom Parts Salons and a Mothercentric Continuum consultation group. Most importantly, Rebecca and Jessica are mothers who bring their own personal experiences with grief and growing, mixed with creative expression and spirituality to their work. Their goal is nothing short of healing humanity’s intergenerational burdens.


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