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Nurture at Night: What you *really* need to know about infant sleep

Brittany Chambers, MS, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

Confused and conflicted by the confounding information on infant sleep?

This 13-page guide breaks down the art, science, and history of infant sleep to give context, clarity, and practical tips on supporting your new baby’s sleep without any form of sleep training. You’ll be equipped with an understanding of normal (and safe!) infant sleep so you can feel confident in your cuddles.

$19 Value

Dream Team Webinar

Jessica Guy, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

This webinar, hosted by Jess, is designed to help you and your partner (or other non-primary caregiver) work together to develop a gentle and effective plan for them to be more involved in settling and resettling your baby or toddler.

With a deep dive into the why behind your baby’s support needs, understanding them, and practical tools that you can use today, you’ll be well on your way to making this shift in a way that feels good for everyone.

$39 Value

The Feeding-Sleep Connection Webinar & Workbook

Jill Mailing, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

In this course, you will learn about the importance of optimizing feeding in optimizing sleep.

We address why most mainstream strategies may fall short for infants and toddlers experiencing persistent sleep challenges, because they may be related to underlying health issues that have been missed or dismissed by healthcare providers.

With the tools in this course, you will be able to identify the likely root causes of your child’s persistent sleep issues, feel empowered to advocate for your child to healthcare providers, and pursue a path forward to healing that leads to better sleep for the whole family.

$50 Value

Guide: Bedtime Connection Boosters for Toddlers + Pre-Schoolers

Hannah Clapham, Holistic Sleep Coach

Sleep is separation, even if you’re bed-sharing. Before our children can let go of their day, we need to invest in quality connection at bedtime.

$10 Value

Special Edition 0-18 Month Sleep Guide

Lyndsey Hookway, Infant Sleep Expert and Author

This guide will help you understand more about normal infant sleep and give lots of practical tips, but don’t worry, none of them are non-responsive. Lyndsey is known for her gentle, responsive and evidence-based approach to sleep, so you are in safe hands.

You will learn more about:

– How sleep works, including about your baby’s body clock and how to understand and use sleep pressure to support sleep.
– How to help your baby’s sleep, including reading your baby’s cues, how to establish a bedtime routine and why YOU and your mental health are just as important.
– Debunking unhelpful myths on topics such as drowsy but awake, sleep regressions, feeding to sleep and bedsharing.
– Troubleshooting such issues as short naps, early rising and frequent night-waking.

£20 Value

The Holistic Baby E-course: Supporting & Relieving Your Baby’s Reflux

Kaili Ets, The Holistic Sleep Baby Guru

Parenting is no easy feat – sleepless nights, fussy feedings, and endless crying spells, and the list goes on. Have these become the norm for you and your precious little one? Endless nights of tears, discomfort, and frustration can take a toll on both you and your baby.

It’s time to bid farewell to the woes of baby reflux and embrace a journey of relief, joy, and uninterrupted cuddles. The Holistic Baby: Supporting & Relieving Your Baby’s Reflux Course is your ultimate guide to uncovering the cause(s) of your baby’s reflux, so that you can stop merely treating symptoms and start resolving your baby’s reflux, leading to a happier baby and journey!

$67 Value

Sleep Basics Webinar

Paula Morales McDowell, Infant Sleep Specialist

Choose 1 of the 4 Sleep Basics webinars. No matter where you are at with your child’s sleep, there is something for you here! Choose your webinar according to your child’s age (0-4 months, 5-9 months, 10-18 months or 18 months to 3 yo).

The webinars are designed to give you an introduction to responsive sleep in a quick way. They will give you the basics you need to know for your child’s age group:
-What normal sleep looks like
-Possible red flags
-Safe sleep
-Ways to survive
-Tips and tricks to troubleshoot common issues

It’s jam packed with information!

$18 Value

Picky Eater Hacks E-book

Kelly Merigot, Root Cause Sleep Coach

Picky Eater Hacks is a short ebook containing basic nutrient information, blood sugar balancing hacks and 8 recipes that help break that carb craving cycle.

Whether you have a picky eater, snack demander, or carb lover, Picky Eater Hacks will help increase your child’s protein intake to keep them fuller for longer. The recipes are tried tested and loved by Mr. Picky Eater himself and has been the stepping stone to adventurous eating. The recipes are highly modifiable and major allergen free and suitable for most dietary needs.

Diet can play a pretty big role in behavior and sleep. These hacks alone can reduce the number of meltdowns and tantrums in a day and even make bedtime easier!

$39.95 Value

Baby Sleep Science Crash course: Guide and Workbook

Dr. Laura Gainche, Neuroscientist

A complete online guide to help navigate and understand your baby’s sleep through science and attachment. You will also learn how to debunk some popular social media baby sleep «evidence».
Focusing on birth to ~2 years of age, this guide and workbook compiles data and helps you understand your unique baby. The evidence will help you navigate the struggles of your baby, create your own sleep plan, gain confidence so that none of the outside noise will make you doubt ever again.

The guide can be used online or printed at home, depending on your preference.


$34.95 Value

Vagus Nerve for Babies Mini-series

Dr. Carrie Rigoni, Vagus Nerve Chiropractor & Coach

A 3-part miniseries all about the vagus nerve in babies!

This mini series is your go-to guide to improving your baby’s vagus nerve function. It will teach you vagus nerve basics and how the nerve functions in your baby. Find out what influences the vagus nerve, what low vagal tone symptoms to look out for and how to create an environment that supports your baby’s vagus nerve from conception to pregnancy, right through to infancy.

What’s included?

– 3 part masterclass video series
– 3 x PDF study guides
– Baby vagus questionnaire
– Adult vagus questionnaire


$59 Value

Emotions and Needs Inquiry for Parents (Webinar +Workbook)

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, Neuroscientist and Doula

When we become parents our brains get enhanced neuroplasticity- especially in our emotional brain areas that underlie our parenting abilities and our mental health, so infancy is an incredible opportunity to shape your parent brain towards better mental health.

A really important skill we can learn is to understand our emotions and needs.

As nurturing parents, we have a lot of emotions – powerful ones – some that feel really good and some that feel really uncomfortable.

When we investigate our emotions – we gain powerful abilities to self – regulate, reshape our brains towards resilience and become models of good mental health to our babies.


$25 Value

Webinar: Supporting Caregiver Overwhelm

Suzanne Gunn, Neurodivergent Sleep Educator

If you are overwhelmed as a parent, you are not alone. Just because it’s common, doesn’t mean to say it’s normal or that you should suck it up. Struggling with the motherload is not a skill issue. Your overwhelm as a parent is not because you are failing at something you should be able to do. This is too much.

This webinar will go through what happens within our bodies as stressed-out, touched-out, overwhelmed, and overstimulated parents. By empowering you with the knowledge that you are not failing when you act outside your value system – it’s a physiological response, it allows you the gift of self-compassion. What sets this webinar apart is that it will also guide you with practical and accessible tools for how to regulate yourself in some of the toughest moments, so you can show up for your child as you want to: as a regulated caregiver who can support their child in their toughest times.

$CAD49 Value 

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