Heartfelt Connections: Building relationships through communication

Michelle Cruz

You will learn:

  • Key elements of effective communication in a relationship
  • Active listening
  • Strategies that couples can use to express their needs and concerns constructively
  • Handling disagreements or conflicts
  • Empathy and understanding in partner communication
  • Body language and nonverbal communication 
  • Navigating difficult conversations or sensitive topics with your partner
  • Common communication pitfalls and to avoid them


Meet Michelle, the powerhouse behind Galactic Doula, revolutionizing reproductive spaces since 2019. Drawing from personal experiences, she passionately advocates for vulnerable communities, particularly Fat & BIPOC individuals, combating medical bias and racism. Michelle’s unwavering dedication extends to protecting the birth space and providing comprehensive perinatal education. As the heart and soul of Galactic Doula, she embodies these principles, specializing in multiples, affirmation-based care, trauma-informed practices, and evidence-based science with a nurture background. Michelle, as the Galactic Doula, creates a powerful force for positive change, offering top-notch birth support and education to Central Texas.


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