Meet Your Hosts

Quanisha McGruder

I am a creative writer, full-spectrum Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist who guides families through different paths into and through parenting.

I am on a mission to align and support family needs to create a gratifying experience on this parenthood journey.

With The Zzz Hive, I want to let parents know they have more than two options and also can support themselves while they support their infant’s needs.


Rocio Zunini, PhD

I am a Neuroscientist and Certified Infant and Family Sleep Specialist and a mom of two. I am passionate about supporting families in their journey with their little one’s sleep. I am a fierce advocate of infant rights (including nighttime needs) and a protector of parental mental health. My own experience as a mother and my neuroscience background led me to believe that supporting infant sleep is possible from a place of rest and well-being. When it comes to infant sleep, I am status quo shaker that likes to open up spaces for difficult but very much needed conversations in our culture. 


Kristin Alexander

I am a Certified Clarity Catalyst Coach, a Certified Infant and Family Sleep Specialist and a mom of two girls. My biggest passion has always been helping women find their inner strength and supporting them through challenging times. Difficulties in my pregnancies and early motherhood required me to advocate for myself and my children, and I found that the support and resources desperately needed at this time were severely lacking. I believe that education on biologically normal infant sleep and responding to an infant’s needs are central to raising resilient children. This inspired me to adapt my skill set to focus on supporting women through various stages of motherhood.


Meet Your Speakers

Day 1. Understanding Infant Sleep

Kerry Secker

Daycare Dilemmas: Finding sleep solutions for infants

Kerry Secker is a certified sleep consultant and founder of Care It Out. She’s been working with families and supporting their sleep for 25 years and is on a mission to normalize infant sleep and make changes without sleep training. She’s passionate that you are the expert of your family and is a huge advocate that you know your baby better than anyone else. Her approach is reassuring and practical.

Zoe Klein

When the Math Ain’t Mathin’: How to detect when you’re being sold a sleep training program in disguise

Zoe is an Ontario based social worker. After her own experience with having a child with sleep apnea , Zoe saw firsthand the importance of having professionals in your corner willing to look beyond the surface. Zoe comes to holistic sleep with many years working with families and hopes to be a part of changing the narrative around sleep training being the only option.

Kim Hawley

Understanding Sleep Development

Kim Hawley, MA, MPH, IBCLC is a Holistic Sleep Coach, Lactation Consultant, Peaceful Parenting Educator, mom, and the host of The Responsive Family Sleep Podcast. She helps tired parents bring together developmental knowledge, sleep science, and their intuition to improve family sleep. Her specialty is holistic, responsive sleep support for babies, toddlers, and nursing families. Kim lives in Capitol Hill, Washington DC with her husband, 2 kids, guide dog, and cat. She loves running, listening to audio books, coffee, chocolate, and wine.

Candace St. John

Abstinence-Only Bedsharing Campaigns: Why they’re an ineffective public health strategy

Candace is a mom of one, public health professional (MPH), pediatric sleep specialist, & Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC, #34044). She worked as an Epidemiologist for 5.5 years in a rural hospital setting – with experience ranging from conducting community health program evaluation to standing up COVID-19 data systems & reporting. After becoming a mother, she created Public Health for Parents to provide parents & healthcare professionals with nuanced, evidence-informed information to help fill gaps in parenting guidance.

Pinky McKay

Milk Sleep and Love – breastfeeding and baby sleep: The reality

Pinky McKay Is One Of Australia’s Most Recognised And Respected Breastfeeding Experts. She’s An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), And Best-Selling Author Of 4 Titles Including Parenting By Heart And Sleeping Like A Baby, (Penguin Random House). Pinky Specializes In Gentle Parenting Styles That Honour Mothers’ Natural Instincts To Respond To Their Babies.

Pinky’s Work Is Inspired By Her Passion To See ‘Every Mother With A Baby In Her Arms And A Smile On Her Face.’ Her ‘Get Real’, No-Nonsense Approach, Along With A Blend Of Humour, Sharp Wit And Wisdom, Make Her An Expert Source For National Publications And Major Network TV. Her Real-World Experience Stems From Being The Mother Of Five And Grandmother Of five.

Pinky Has Spoken Across Australia, New Zealand And The United States And Has Presented A Popular Tedx Talk, ‘Surrender Is Not A Dirty Word’. Her Reach Extends Worldwide Through Her Books, Blogs, Podcast ‘Tits Up’ and social media pages.


Day 2. Indicators of Further Support with Infant Sleep

Tash Duffin

Reflux Realities: Navigating infant sleep challenges

Tash is an Occupational Therapist trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, paediatric feeding, sleep quality and infant reflux and a mother of three.

Her two youngest children are the inspiration and drive for her work. When trying to find help for their concerns she wasn’t satisfied with the “normal”/ ‘they’ll outgrow it” approach. Through this journey she learnt to trust her instinct and advocate for her children. She now supports parents to do the same. To listen to their gut instinct and helping them navigate relationships with healthcare providers.

Tash is passionate about sleep quality for our children during periods of early growth and critical brain developmental. She believes the wait and see approach does an injustice to the developing child and the family unit, viewing good quality sleep as a pillar of health and a foundation for growth and development.

She is passionate about early intervention in the airway and oral function space to prevent the snowballing of issues that can arise, experiencing this firsthand with two of her children. Her dream is that sleep quality and airway development become part of mainstream healthcare advice and intervention to truly set up our children for the best start in life.

At Whole Child Co, every child is considered wholly and holistically every time.

Mia Bernscherer Bjoernfort

When Baby Just Keeps Fussing: The impact of societal expectations for sleep, parental sleep deprivation and the approaches used when dealing with an unsettled baby

I am a holistic and evidence-based sleep and infant feeding consultant. You could also call me a coach, supporter or counsellor.
This means that I look at the whole situation to get a full picture, not just the sleep – and that I base my evaluations and suggestions for possible interventions on research.

My experience is of course an important part of the coaching and support I provide. In many cases it is precisely this experience that connects the research, the parents’ descriptions and the circumstances to give a clear picture of what the family is experiencing and what kind of interventions and support is needed.

I believe that parents know their children best and it is my most important job to support the good work parents are already doing. Therefore, as a parent, you will also notice that I ask a lot of questions. Some of the questions are about getting to know you as a family, others are about guiding you to find the right solution for your family.

By sharing knowledge about completely normal baby and child sleep, possible strategies and what consequences, both positive and negative, the various strategies can be expected to have, parents have the opportunity to make an informed choice about what should happen with regards to sleep in their family.

Carmelle Gentle

Tongue-tie and Infant Sleep

Carmelle is an Independent Midwife and IBCLC specialising in infant tongue tie and oral dysfunction. Carmelle has set up the UK’s first donation tongue tie service for families who otherwise may not afford to access private healthcare; bridging the gap between NHS service provision and private practice.

Dr. David McIntosh

Sleep Disordered Breathing- The not so silent problem

Dr. David McIntosh is an adjunct Associate Professor of ENT in Queensland. He specializes in pediatric ENT, nose and sinus disease, and snoring and sleep apnea. He is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of the interplay between ENT and dentistry. He is the founder of one of the largest ENT services in Australia and runs one of the largest education service in the world for dentists and doctors on ENT via his social media pages.

DAY 3. Practical Tips for Infant Sleep

Claire - The Gentle Sleep Coach

The Ins and Outs of Toddler Sleep

Claire is a mum of 3, OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach, Circle of Security Facilitator and founder of The Gentle Sleep Coach supporting families to improve sleep through relationship based, attachment focused and holistic approaches, without any ‘sleep training’ in sight!

Tiffany Belanger

Safe Bedsharing for Modern Parents

Tiffany Belanger attended UCLA and adventured in the film and television industry prior to parenthood. She was shocked at how difficult it was to find reliable information about safe cosleeping when her newborn would not sleep in his bassinet.

After two years of research and real-life trial and error, she founded Cosleepy to help other parents keep their babies safe in their beds.

Tiffany’s work resonated with parents across the world, and it didn’t take long for her Instagram page to grow by the tens of thousands and become the largest community of cosleeping parents on the web.

She is a frequent guest on podcasts and blogs, and has been interviewed by the media several times as a representative for the educated, middle-class, Millennial parent who’s decided to go against the standard advice.

Her work has been referenced in several articles discussing the controversy of cosleeping, most notably New York Magazine’s viral article Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping?

Tiffany cosleeps with her husband and two little boys in northern California.

Natasha Marchand

Boundaries and Babies: Navigating family dynamics as new parents

With over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, Natasha understands the critical role that mind-body connection plays in growth and healing.

Natasha’s multifaceted approach incorporates her skills in solution-focused counselling, somatic coaching, hypnotherapy and yoga to empower individuals to become more resilient and establish a stronger connection with themselves. She specializes in helping people break free from codependent behaviours, such as people-pleasing and perfectionism, while continuing to foster a commitment to values of kindness and connection.

As an advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health, she has dedicated over a decade to working as a prenatal and postpartum doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, and yoga instructor for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.

Stephanie Beucher

Unlocking Better Mental Health and Sleep: The impact of reiki healing on infants and parents

Stephanie’s journey towards holistic maternity care began early on, during her training as a midwife on a bustling maternity ward. It was there that she first recognised the lack of support for babies who had experienced traumatic births, facing issues from feeding difficulties to physical injuries. Understanding that the impact of birth extended beyond just mothers, Stephanie felt compelled to explore holistic therapies.

Driven by a desire to provide alternative healing options for babies, Stephanie delved into researching safe therapies and eventually trained as a Reiki Practitioner. Witnessing the transformative effects of Reiki on babies, pregnant women, and new mothers, Stephanie continued her training to become a Reiki Master Teacher and Mindfulness teacher. Her passion for empowering families through Reiki and mindful parenting shines through in her teachings, guiding parents to ground themselves, address past traumas, and nurture their baby’s growth and well-being.

For the past 6 years, Reiki has been a cornerstone of Stephanie’s approach to holistic maternity care, offering support for breastfeeding challenges, infant sleep, mental and physical health.
Beyond working directly with families, Stephanie also shares her knowledge with fellow midwives and doulas, providing them with tools to support their clients’ healing journeys. Currently expanding her skill set, Stephanie is training as a hypnotherapist and integrative psychotherapist.

Based in London, Stephanie is the proud mother of a 21-year-old pediatric nurse student daughter and a 14-year-old football enthusiast. Her dedication to holistic healing and empowering families continues to make a meaningful impact in the world of maternity care.

Hava Mogilevsky

Practical Tips to Support Independent Sleep

I’m Hava, founder of Raised to Flourish, 2x certified sleep specialist and mother of two beautiful daughters.
My mission is to provide parents with truly responsive sleep support, helping them cut through the notice of mainstream sleep advice and tune into their instincts.

Khyati Desai-Seltzer

Is Infant Massage a Part of Your Family’s Health Toolkit?

Khyati Desai-Seltzer is a mompreneur focused on social impact and transformational change through her businesses. Khyati is the owner of Vyana Infant Massage LLC, where she teaches parents the art and science of massaging their babies, an ancient indigenous practice, for short term and long term benefits addressing sleep, gas/colic, immunity, bonding, congestion, growth, and so much more. Khyati graduated from LSU with a Bachelors in Sociology and International Studies and from GMU with a Masters in Public Administration in Nonprofit Management. Khyati lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys yoga, meditation, travel, dancing, and exploring new places in her free time.

DAY 4. Parental Wellness and Infant Sleep

Jessica Sorci, and Rebecca Geshuri

Survival Kit For New Moms: An anti-patriarchal guide to optimal support for matrescent women and their partners

Jessica Sorci and Rebecca Geshuri are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapists and also Perinatal Mental Health Certified. As Co-Founders of Family Tree Wellness in Silicon Valley, California, Rebecca and Jessica lead their one-of-a-kind IFS-informed group psychotherapy practice that provides counseling, education and support for people who are in the family building phase of life. They are wildly enthusiastic about supporting other therapists who want to deepen their knowledge and skill with using IFS and working in Reproductive Mental Health. Their comprehensive Mothercentric Approach is being integrated into a book called MOM PARTS, and is currently being offered annually, alongside Mom Parts Salons and a Mothercentric Continuum consultation group. Most importantly, Rebecca and Jessica are mothers who bring their own personal experiences with grief and growing, mixed with creative expression and spirituality to their work. Their goal is nothing short of healing humanity’s intergenerational burdens.

Jojo Hogan

Yoga for Nervous System Regulation in Postpartum

Jojo Hogan is a maternal postpartum care specialist, doula and founder of the international Slow Postpartum movement. With over 20 years experience in the care of pregnant and new mothers and families, her Slow Postpartum philosophy both educates and inspires as to the importance of honouring the weeks following birth. She believes that when all new parents and babies are nurtured, nourished loved and celebrated, this in turn will ripple out into families, communities and the world, changing it for the better.

Michelle Cruz

Heartfelt Connections: Building relationships through communication

Meet Michelle, the powerhouse behind Galactic Doula, revolutionizing reproductive spaces since 2019. Drawing from personal experiences, she passionately advocates for vulnerable communities, particularly Fat & BIPOC individuals, combating medical bias and racism. Michelle’s unwavering dedication extends to protecting the birth space and providing comprehensive perinatal education. As the heart and soul of Galactic Doula, she embodies these principles, specializing in multiples, affirmation-based care, trauma-informed practices, and evidence-based science with a nurture background. Michelle, as the Galactic Doula, creates a powerful force for positive change, offering top-notch birth support and education to Central Texas.

Julia Pichl

The Detrimental Effects Sleep Training Culture Can Have on Maternal Mental Health

I am Julia. a former childcare professional turned holistic sleep coach. I have a 2 degrees in Education and Pedagogy and worked with children between the ages of 4-18 in various settings, ranging from schools, family social work and youth welfare sercives. I live in Germany with my husband, son and 3 pets and am currently pregnant with my second child. I passionately support families internationally, who are looking for alternatives to sleep training since August 2022. I run the instagram page @julia_lalelovesleep where I get to connect with other parents on sleep and share information , tips and perspectives around naviagting infant sleep with compassion and respect for both the parents and their child. 

Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD

How to Improve Your Sleep While You’re Supporting Your Baby’s Developing Sleep

Greer Kirshenbaum PhD is an Author, Neuroscientist, Doula, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist and Mother. She trained at the University of Toronto, Columbia University, New York University and Yale University. Greer has combined her academic training with her experience as a doula and mother to lead The Nurture Revolution. A movement to nurture our babies’ brains to revolutionize mental health and impact larger systems in our world. Greer wants families, professionals, and workplaces to understand how early caregiving experience can boost mental wellness and diminish depression, anxiety, and addiction in adulthood by shaping babies’ brains through simple intuitive enriching experiences in pregnancy, birth and infancy. Her book is called The Nurture Revolution: Grow Your Baby’s Brain and Transform Their Mental Health Through the Art of Nurtured Parenting. 

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