When the Math Ain’t Mathin’: How to detect when you’re being sold a sleep training program in disguise

Zoe Klein

You will learn:

  • What is a sleep trainer
  • Red flags or warning signs parents should look out for to identify a sleep trainer 
  • Ethical considerations that can guide parents when seeking guidance on infant sleep from professionals
  • Role of informed consent in the context of sleep training, and how parents can ensure they fully understand the methods being proposed by a sleep trainer
  • Specific certifications or qualifications that parents should prioritize when seeking guidance on infant sleep
  • How to support parents who may feel pressured or overwhelmed by societal expectations to sleep train their infants
  • How parents can advocate for their own preferences and values regarding infant sleep without feeling judged or dismissed by professionals advocating for sleep training

Zoe is an Ontario based social worker. After her own experience with having a child with sleep apnea , Zoe saw firsthand the importance of having professionals in your corner willing to look beyond the surface. Zoe comes to holistic sleep with many years working with families and hopes to be a part of changing the narrative around sleep training being the only option.


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