Reflux Realities: Navigating infant sleep challenges

Tash Duffin

You will learn:

  • How reflux in infants can impact their sleep patterns
  • Common signs and symptoms of reflux that parents might overlook
  • The relationship between oral function and its potential benefits for infants with reflux
  • Practical strategies or techniques to help alleviate reflux symptoms and improve infant’s sleep quality


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Tash is an Occupational Therapist trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, paediatric feeding, sleep quality and infant reflux and a mother of three.

Her two youngest children are the inspiration and drive for her work. When trying to find help for their concerns she wasn’t satisfied with the “normal”/ ‘they’ll outgrow it” approach. Through this journey she learnt to trust her instinct and advocate for her children. She now supports parents to do the same. To listen to their gut instinct and helping them navigate relationships with healthcare providers.

Tash is passionate about sleep quality for our children during periods of early growth and critical brain developmental. She believes the wait and see approach does an injustice to the developing child and the family unit, viewing good quality sleep as a pillar of health and a foundation for growth and development.

She is passionate about early intervention in the airway and oral function space to prevent the snowballing of issues that can arise, experiencing this firsthand with two of her children. Her dream is that sleep quality and airway development become part of mainstream healthcare advice and intervention to truly set up our children for the best start in life.


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