Supporting Autistic, ADHD and Highly Sensitive Infant Sleep

Suzanne Gunn, Neurodivergent Sleep Educator

What you will learn:

  • How sensory processing affects an infant’s ability to fall asleep
  • Common sleep challenges experienced by neurodivergent infants
  • Strategies and techniques to create a sleep friendly environment
  • How parents and caregivers can help regulate their child’s sleep-wake cycle and establish healthy sleep patterns

Webinar: Supporting Caregiver Overwhelm

If you are overwhelmed as a parent, you are not alone. Just because it’s common, doesn’t mean to say it’s normal or that you should suck it up. Struggling with the motherload is not a skill issue. Your overwhelm as a parent is not because you are failing at something you should be able to do. This is too much.

This webinar will go through what happens within our bodies as stressed-out, touched-out, overwhelmed, and overstimulated parents. By empowering you with the knowledge that you are not failing when you act outside your value system – it’s a physiological response, it allows you the gift of self-compassion. What sets this webinar apart is that it will also guide you with practical and accessible tools for how to regulate yourself in some of the toughest moments, so you can show up for your child as you want to: as a regulated caregiver who can support their child in their toughest times.

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