Milk Sleep and Love – breastfeeding and baby sleep: The reality

Pinky McKay

You will learn:

  • The importance of responsive parenting in promoting breastfeeding success and healthy sleep habits for babies
  • Practical tips or strategies for parents who are struggling with breastfeeding and sleep challenges simultaneously
  • Common misconceptions about breastfeeding and baby sleep 
  • Benefits of co-sleeping or room-sharing for breastfeeding mothers and their infants
  • ‘Breastsleeping’ and how it relates to fostering a close bond between breastfeeding mothers and their babies
  • Key factors or considerations when it comes to creating a breastfeeding-friendly sleep environment 

Pinky McKay Is One Of Australia’s Most Recognised And Respected Breastfeeding Experts. She’s An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), And Best-Selling Author Of 4 Titles Including Parenting By Heart And Sleeping Like A Baby, (Penguin Random House). Pinky Specializes In Gentle Parenting Styles That Honour Mothers’ Natural Instincts To Respond To Their Babies.

Pinky’s Work Is Inspired By Her Passion To See ‘Every Mother With A Baby In Her Arms And A Smile On Her Face.’ Her ‘Get Real’, No-Nonsense Approach, Along With A Blend Of Humour, Sharp Wit And Wisdom, Make Her An Expert Source For National Publications And Major Network TV. Her Real-World Experience Stems From Being The Mother Of Five And Grandmother Of five.

Pinky Has Spoken Across Australia, New Zealand And The United States And Has Presented A Popular Tedx Talk, ‘Surrender Is Not A Dirty Word’. Her Reach Extends Worldwide Through Her Books, Blogs, Podcast ‘Tits Up’ and social media pages.


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Weaning With Love E-book

However wou want to wean, the mantra to remember is ‘gradually, with love’. You have given your baby a gentle beginning with sweet warm milk and the comfort of being held close to your heartbeat. Whether you are introducing other foods, weaning from breast or bottle, night weaning, weaning to become pregnant or weaning to return to work (you can combine breast-pump and briefcase!), it is ideal to make these changes as gently and respectfully as possible. This way, you and your baby will adapt to the changes and move happily to the next stage.

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