Sleep Training Culture: What is it and why do we need to divest from it

Paula McDowell, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

What you will learn:

  • What sleep training culture is
  • How sleep training culture works
  • Why sleep training culture is toxic
  • Is there such a thing as gentle sleep training?


Sleep Basics Webinar

Choose 1 of the 4 Sleep Basics webinars. No matter where you are at with your child’s sleep, there is something for you here! Choose your webinar according to your child’s age (0-4 months, 5-9 months, 10-18 months or 18 months to 3 y.o).

The webinars are designed to give you an introduction to responsive sleep in a quick way. They will give you the basics you need to know for your child’s age group:
-What normal sleep looks like
-Possible red flags
-Safe sleep
-Ways to survive
-Tips and tricks to troubleshoot common issues

It’s jam packed with information!

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