Boundaries and Babies: Navigating family dynamics as new parents

Natasha Marchand

You will learn:

  • Common scenarios where new parents might struggle to establish boundaries with extended family members or other loved ones
  • How to communicate needs effectively while still maintaining healthy relationships with family members
  • The importance of self-care for new parents and how setting boundaries can support their well-being
  • How to navigate potential conflicts that arise when boundaries clash with the expectations or desires of extended family members

With over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, Natasha understands the critical role that mind-body connection plays in growth and healing.

Natasha’s multifaceted approach incorporates her skills in solution-focused counselling, somatic coaching, hypnotherapy and yoga to empower individuals to become more resilient and establish a stronger connection with themselves. She specializes in helping people break free from codependent behaviours, such as people-pleasing and perfectionism, while continuing to foster a commitment to values of kindness and connection.

As an advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health, she has dedicated over a decade to working as a prenatal and postpartum doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, and yoga instructor for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.


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