Staying Sane While Parenting Multiples – A Nurture Story

Michelle Cruz, Doula

What you will learn:

  • Effective routines and strategies to promote healthy sleep patterns in multiples
  • How to handle nighttime wakings with multiples
  • How a partner can help at night and how to talk to them about it
  • How to plan and prepare for multiples


  • Damato, E. G., Burant, C. J., Brubaker, J. A., & Decker, M. J. (2021). Sleep pattern gender differences and fragmentation in postpartum parents of twins. Sleep science (Sao Paulo, Brazil)14(Spec 2), 118–124.
  • Hedberg Nyqvist, K. & Lutes, L.M (1998). Co-bedding Twins: A Developmentally Supportive Care Strategy, Clinical Issues, 27(4), 450-456

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