When Baby Just Keeps Fussing: The impact of societal expectations for sleep, parental sleep deprivation and the approaches used when dealing with an unsettled baby

Mia Bernscherer Bjoernfort

You will learn:

  • How to addresss guilt or feelings of failure that parents may experience when they struggle with sleep deprivation or feel unable to meet societal expectations around infant sleep
  • How to incorporate evidence-based research to help parents understand and challenge societal expectations regarding infant sleep
  • The importance of establishing realistic expectations for infant sleep and how to guide parents in setting achievable goals while navigating societal pressures
  • How to navigate conflicting advice or opinions from family members, friends, and other sources regarding infant sleep
  • Practical strategies or techniques for creating a supportive sleep environment

I am a holistic and evidence-based sleep and infant feeding consultant. You could also call me a coach, supporter or counsellor.
This means that I look at the whole situation to get a full picture, not just the sleep – and that I base my evaluations and suggestions for possible interventions on research.

My experience is of course an important part of the coaching and support I provide. In many cases it is precisely this experience that connects the research, the parents’ descriptions and the circumstances to give a clear picture of what the family is experiencing and what kind of interventions and support is needed.

I believe that parents know their children best and it is my most important job to support the good work parents are already doing. Therefore, as a parent, you will also notice that I ask a lot of questions. Some of the questions are about getting to know you as a family, others are about guiding you to find the right solution for your family.

By sharing knowledge about completely normal baby and child sleep, possible strategies and what consequences, both positive and negative, the various strategies can be expected to have, parents have the opportunity to make an informed choice about what should happen with regards to sleep in their family.


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