Sleep Training Is Safe and Effective.. or Is It?

Jessica Guy, Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

What you will learn:

  • Design and implementation of Kahn et al.’s study (a.k.a. the Nanit study)
  • Hours that babies slept on average
  • How long sleep training took on average (spoiler alert: on average, it is NOT just 3 days)
  • Did babies learn to sleep through the night?
  • Did babies learn to self-soothe?


  • Kahn, M., Barnett, N., & Gradisar, M. (2022). Implementation of Behavioral Interventions for Infant Sleep Problems in Real-world Settings. The Journal of pediatrics, S0022-3476(22)01000-9. Advance online publication.

Dream Team Webinar

This webinar, hosted by Jess, is designed to help you and your partner (or other non-primary caregiver) work together to develop a gentle and effective plan for them to be more involved in settling and resettling your baby or toddler.

With a deep dive into the why behind your baby’s support needs, understanding them, and practical tools that you can use today, you’ll be well on your way to making this shift in a way that feels good for everyone.

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