How Your Baby’s Nervous System Contributes to Sleep

Dr. Carrie Rigoni

What you will learn:

  • Overview of a baby’s nervous system
  • How caregivers shape the baby’s nervous system
  • The nervous system and infant sleep
  • Tips to support your baby’s nervous system

Vagus Nerve for Babies Mini-series

A 3-part miniseries all about the vagus nerve in babies!

This mini series is your go-to guide to improving your baby’s vagus nerve function. It will teach you vagus nerve basics and how the nerve functions in your baby. Find out what influences the vagus nerve, what low vagal tone symptoms to look out for and how to create an environment that supports your baby’s vagus nerve from conception to pregnancy, right through to infancy.

What’s included?

– 3 part masterclass video series
– 3 x PDF study guides
– Baby vagus questionnaire
– Adult vagus questionnaire

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