Abstinence-Only Bedsharing Campaigns: Why they’re an ineffective public health strategy

Candace St. John

You will learn:

  • Effectiveness of abstinence-only bedsharing education as a public health measure
  • Challenges when trying to abide to abstinence-only bedsharing guidelines
  • How a shift towards risk reduction bedsharing education might positively impact parents and their nighttime parenting practices
  • Advocating for your child’s sleep needs within the daycare setting


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Candace is a mom of one, public health professional (MPH), pediatric sleep specialist, & Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC, #34044). She worked as an Epidemiologist for 5.5 years in a rural hospital setting – with experience ranging from conducting community health program evaluation to standing up COVID-19 data systems & reporting. After becoming a mother, she created Public Health for Parents to provide parents & healthcare professionals with nuanced, evidence-informed information to help fill gaps in parenting guidance.


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