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The Bedsharing Beginner’s Guide

Tiffany Belanger, founder of Cosleepy

This practical, research-backed guide will boost your confidence about being a modern parent with a baby in your bed. It’s formatted as a night-in-the-life to demonstrate how bedsharing safety, comfort, and logistics play out in real time, as the evening goes on. Use it as a launchpad to help you design your own nightly routine that everybody in the family loves!

Regular Price: $29

Toddler Sleep Guide

Claire Fair, Holistic Sleep Coach and founder of The Gentle Sleep Coach

A complete 130 page guide through all of the ups and downs of all things toddler sleep, without a shred of sleep training in sight! Designed for 18 months – 5ish years of age!

Regular Price: $69

Sleep made Simple: Workshop & Guide

Hava Mogilevsky, Certified Sleep Specialist and founder of Raised to Flourish

Simplify sleep with the five pillars to getting better sleep without sleep training, along with a complementary workbook and guide sleep foundations.

Regular Price: $29

Holistic Baby Massage Course

Khyati Desai-Seltzer, founder of Vyana Infant Massage

Ready to make massage a part of your family’s lifestyle to improve health, happiness, and bonding? Look no further than our Holistic Baby Massage Course, which is available for immediate and lifetime use to address everything from sleep and gas/colic to congestion, immunity, and more.

Regular Price: $169

How to Nurture Your Changing Parent Brain Workshop

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, Neuroscientist, Author and Doula

Caregiving requires a lot of emotional and physical energy. Often, we find ourselves parenting from an empty cup, which makes it challenging to parent in the way we had envisioned for ourselves and our children. We often feel overwhelmed and our emotions are out of control.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover a range of practical tools and techniques to refill your parent cup. 
  • Reduce reactivity and impatience so you can remain connected even during times of stress.
  • How to nurture connection when your baby is calm and alert.
  • Rewire your brains for resilience. Not only are you filling your cup, but you are learning to expand the size of your cup and the amount you can hold.
  • Nurture your stress system and learn how to return and repair when you become reactive.
  • Live in your values as a parent and align your actions with how you want to show up in relation to your children.


Regular Price: $37

The Slow Postpartum Kitchen – Recipes & Meal Plans to Nurture and Nourish a New Mama in the Weeks Following Birth

Jojo Hogan, founder of Slow Postpartum

The Slow Postpartum Kitchen E-Book is designed for doulas, birth professionals and anyone who supports new families. Inside, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of my favourite ‘slow postpartum’ recipes complemented by handy shopping lists, adaptable meal plans, and expert advice on optimal postpartum nutrition.

Find out more about my slow postpartum philosophy and ensure that every new family receives the nourishment and nurturing they deserve during this transformative period.

Regular Price: $9.90

Biologically Normal Baby and Toddler Sleep Guide

Kim Hawley, Holistic Sleep Coach and IBCLC

A guide covering the basics on biologically normal sleep including basic sleep biology, the need for closeness, sleep influences, and realistic sleep amounts.

Regular Price: $17

Birth Processing Guide

Quanisha McGruder, Doula and co-founder of the Zzz Hive

A guide to process your birth through different mediums using writing, music and drawing. 

Regular Price: $10

Calm the Chaos Workshop

Kristin Alexander, Catalyst Coach and co-founder of the Zzz Hive

Learn 10 self-regulation techniques to calm your nervous system and nurture infant sleep from a place of well-being.

Regular Price: $19

The Parental Brain Method Workshop

Dr. Rocio Zunini, Neuroscientist and co-founder of the Zzz Hive

With the Parental Brain Method, you will learn how to detect BS parenting advice right away! Much needed, particularly when it comes to infant sleep!

Regular Price: $47

Internal Family Systems Basic Terminology Course

Jessica Sorci and Rebecca Geshuri, co-founders of Family Tree Wellness

Are you interested in understanding more about Internal Family Systems? This one hour workshop offers basic info and terminology to get you started on the path to understanding more about your inner system of parts and Self.

Regular Price: $20

Weaning With Love E-book

Pinky McKay, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and Author

However wou want to wean, the mantra to remember is ‘gradually, with love’. You have given your baby a gentle beginning with sweet warm milk and the comfort of being held close to your heartbeat. Whether you are introducing other foods, weaning from breast or bottle, night weaning, weaning to become pregnant or weaning to return to work (you can combine breast-pump and briefcase!), it is ideal to make these changes as gently and respectfully as possible. This way, you and your baby will adapt to the changes and move happily to the next stage.

Regular Price: $14.95

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What fellow parents are saying from last year's summit

When the conference started I thought nothing was going to change, that it would just be more information that would overwhelm my head, but I was pleasantly surprised. Through the talks I started to feel more at ease with my baby and my situation. Believe it or not, hearing and seeing so many experts talk about what I was feeling made me know that I was not alone and in one way or another it made me start to have more confidence in my maternal instincts. By the end of the conference and even though my baby is still a crazy awakening all night long, I now go to her, feeling calm and confident that being responsive is the most loving, natural, instinctual thing I can do and that this way of responding is a gift for her whole life.
Ana Maria
I was blown away by the infant sleep summit, the range of speakers - scientists, social historians and practical advisors - and subjects. I loved how the conference tackled caring for parental sleep (and well-being). All in all, incredible quality and very thought provoking.
What a fantastic summit! So great to be part of something with like minded parents and to get that reassurance as a first time mum that loving and responding to my baby is not damaging her development!!
This summit confirmed for me what my intuition tells me and provide amazing evidence based knowledge. Thank you, ZZZ Hive for hosting this event, it's such a blessing to have such of a wealth of fantastic education and support.

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Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, we are not able to offer refunds for any reason. Please look through all the details before you purchase and email wecare@thezzzhive.com with any questions you have! 

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